My Story

I received my Scentsy warmer as a birthday gift in 2008.  I had never really heard of Scentsy.  My sister and sister-in-law each had one and they are the ones who gave mine to me.  At first I was thinking, "Oh, this is nice, but now I am going to have to pay for the wax for it."  My husband was still in school and we have two small children, so money was pretty tight and the last thing I wanted was another thing I had to pay for on a regular basis. I took the warmer home and started to use it.  All it took was one time and I was hooked!  I had been using a jar candle on a candle warmer, but was never really impressed with the strengh of the fragrance it emitted, or even the fragrance itself.  I had no idea there was something so much better out there.  I was amazed at how wonderful the fragrances smelled and how strong they were.  The aroma permeated every room of our two bedroom apartment.  Every time someone came over they would comment on how great it smelled and would ask me what it was.  Scentsy is also a lot cheaper than jar candles, which I was not expecting.  There is a one time investment of $30 for the Scentsy Warmer and then you just have to buy the wax.  The wax bars only cost $5 each (less if you buy in quantities of 3 or 6) and will last anywhere from 60-80 hours.  There are over 40 warmers and 80 fabulous fragrances to choose from, so there really is something for everyone.  I absolutely love it!  When I ran out of the wax I had received for my birthday I had no idea where I could get more.  I thought that I had to know someone who sold it or someone who was going to have a party, which I didn't.  I had no idea that you could buy it online and have it shipped right to your door.  I figured there were probably a lot of other people out there like me-craving more Scentsy but not knowing how to get their hands on it.  That is when I decided to start selling Scentsy. I absolutely hate sales and always vowed I would never have any kind of a sales job, so why would I want to sell Scentsy?  Because this product is so amazing!  I don't really feel like I am selling it.  I just tell everyone I know about it and those who already know are excited to know someone they can buy more from.  It has been a great experience.  I think the hardest thing about selling Scentsy is that you cannot explain what Scentsy is or how amazing it is through a flyer or an ad.  People have to experience it for themselves in order to really love it.  I do not know anyone who does not love Scentsy once they have tried it for themselves.  So the next time you are invited to a Scentsy Party or Open House stop by and see what Scentsy has to offer, or buy your own online and try it for yourself.  You will love it!<!--endbody-->